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RipTide is a subscription-based service that uses patent-pending technology to provide DSL-like speed over dial-up lines. It goes way beyond competitive products that simply "tweak" Windows network settings to provide a speed boost or caching products that speed up only frequently visited web pages.

RipTide accelerates web browsing, web-based file transfers, uploading and downloading of all native FTP file transfers, and all types of email from simple web-based email systems like Hotmail and Yahoo Mail to POP3 and SMTP based email systems such as Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Outlook Express® and Microsoft Exchange®. Additionally, email attachments including Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel and others will also be accelerated.

RipTide will deliver consistent speed improvements in real-life Internet usage scenarios. RipTide is a true "Virtual Broadband", providing DSL-like speed over a single dial-up connection, at a very low monthly cost...

If you are an existing CUOnline Customer and would like to sign-up for Riptide Accelerator, please call 1-800-572-5678.

Download RipTide Dial-up Accelerator

Click on the link below to download and install Riptide dial-up Accelerator Version 3.52.